Types of Data Entry Services That Your Company Might Need

Data entry is an important element of overall data entry processing. It is done in many types and formats. Output is usually in Word format, Excel format, Access, Acrobat, HTML, ASCII, XML and Text. Data entry is also performed on live online databases. Various industries prefer to outsource data entry services for their businesses, such as the real estate industry, eCommerce or online stores, transport, insurance, manufacturing industry, mortgage, medical, marketing, legal, finance, publication and education.

If you belong to any of these industries, then you must consider outsourcing data entry services for your company. There are several types of data entry services, such as:

Online data entry

Online data entry is a collection of ICT solutions and improved typing skills. The objective of these services is addressing the company’s data security and integrity problems and in finding the best solution. With online data entry, the company can take advantage of the time zone differences. Specific machines can be assessed overnight so all the data is processed by data entry operators when you return office after a good sleep. You do not need to leave your premises to look for quality speed typists who are expert enough to use your data securely.

Offline data entry

Offline data entry is a very monotonous task that can drain your complete energy, unless you are a skilled data entry operator with efficiency for data entry complete knowledge of computerised office tools. So, it is also better to outsource. Offline data entry is done by reading and capturing data from paper-based and digital file formats.

The tasks include:

  • Claims data processing and data entry.
  • Survey data entry and data processing.
  • Manuscript data formatting.
  • Order processing.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Employee data maintenance.
  • Data coding and indexing
  • Courier shipping documents data entry and data processing.

PDF data entry

PDF refers to Post Document Format. It is quite popular in Desk Top Publishing (DTP) and now it is recognised as the most widely circulated document format. The reduction of PDF file size makes it easy to store and share in emails even with lower bandwidths. Data entry service providers who have clear knowledge about PDF formats can work with any kind of PDF version. They provide services like conversion of data from PDF, and re-entry of data in database formats.

Cart data entry

In today’s world, running an online business has become very common. Millions of shops are going online to conduct business. Cart data entry is a kind of data entry service that is provided to the online business owners so they can take a break from maintaining their product information. This way, they can manage their real-world businesses easily.

Image data entry

Image processing is also a form of data entry. Data entry service providers process data from all types of image formats including jpg, tif, tiff and gif. Skilled data entry providers offer their services to different kinds of business and they scan images of application forms, instruction manuals, handwritten scanned copies, books and memos.

Apart from these, there are many other types of data entry services, such as survey/questionnaire data entry, handwritten data entry, customer data entry sales service, XML data entry and excel data entry. You may contact the data entry service providers if you need any of the service mentioned above.

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