Top 8 Types of Data Entry Services in Demand

Data entry services have become essential for companies nowadays. Data entry service providers offer various types of data related services help businesses grow and carry out their tasks meticulously. It is a great option to outsource the services because you cannot take care of the bulk data accurately in-house.

The top eight types of data entry services in demand at present are –

  1. Online Data Entry Services

Online data entry services providers offer a platform where data can be added after being collected from various sources. The data is collected on a web-based database or a particular web portal. Outsourcing data entry services help companies to save the paperwork by transferring the data into digital form efficiently.

  1. Offline Data Entry Services

Offline data entry is very tedious and brain-draining activity that can only be done by designated data entry operative with keen knowledge on computerized office tools, and speed data entry skills. The offline data entry services providers help companies with the important work of database maintenance, business management, and audits. They read and capture data from all formats including paper-based files and all kinds of digital file formats.

  1. Image Data Entry Services

Image data entry is a serious job, and it is a very important service in high demand these days. Data entry providers offer image processing and data entry from various formats of images such as jpg, tif, tiff, gif, and more. The services are useful for both small and big businesses when it comes to scanned images of books, application forms, instruction manuals, memos, handwritten scanned copies, and more.

  1. Excel Data Entry Services

Microsoft Excel is the most powerful tool for data entry and performing data entry in excel files is a constructive and structural job. The work starts with creating the form. There are many options to capture and maintain all sorts of data which is very useful for business affairs management. It also involves copy and paste key functions.

  1. PDF Data Entry Services

PDF refers to Post Document Format. Its use became popular among DTP (Desk Top Publishing) works. Since then, PDF has become one of the most widely circulated document formats. The benefit of using this format is that you can reduce the file size, which makes it easier to save and send via emails. PDF data entry services involve optimising PDF documents.

  1. Cart Data Entry Services

Online businesses have become very common at present. Millions of shops are going online and conducting business these days. Cart data entry services help online business owners in maintaining all their product information so they can manage their real-world businesses.

  1. Survey/Questionnaire Data Entry

It has been noticed that over 30% of survey data are contested and even almost discarded because of poor quality data capture and faulty data interpretation. Data entry service providers use their knowledge and understanding of survey data entry process and offer services related to survey process, questionnaire, mailing list creation and verification.

  1. Customer Data Entry Sales Service

Customer data entry includes the work done to know the customers better and keep them satisfied. It includes all kinds of data entry in forms, process orders, customer contact information, template-based responses, and support services.

These data entry services are helping companies to maintain their businesses big time, so, their demand is also growing.

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