Data Entry Process

To each is their own. Data Entry India has perfectly placed teams for processing data entry processes thus making us one among the best offshore outsourcing companies worldwide. Our data processing is subject to studies and repeated performance assessment checks.

We have processes for measuring the success of a process. In this industry i.e. data entry services, we are forced to maintain systems are top performance levels. We have to keep our systems at its best and secure. We need to maintain production at its best and keep room for work overloads.

Thus, Data Entry India has processes for the following:

  1. Customer Service Management
  2. Project Life cycle management
  3. Operations Management
  4. Project Management
  5. Project Delivery Management
  6. Production Capacity Management
  7. Problem Management
  8. Team Management
  9. Policy Management
  10. Financial Management
  11. IT Infrastructure Alignment & Management
  12. Quality Control & Audit Management

One of the governing factors associated with management is the Data Entry process management.

The process includes proper team identification for a project based on the skill matrix. The skill matrix is derived from a team member’s ability to interact and function for a particular kind of data entry job.

A Data Entry team member could be proficient with online systems and internet data capturing and if the project demands such specializations, we depute the data entry operators for the respective project.

Further, data entry project quality managed by custom processes depending of operational documents data type.

For instance, data entry if performed on excel files, we practice certain series of steps to ensure that data mismatch, data typos and data loss do not happen.

Generally a double data entry ensures higher than 99% data accuracy, but a bit of smarter configuration of excel form data entry will ensure quicker data processing and thus shorter turn around.

Data Entry India always undertakes projects considering the projects value to our customers are imminent high quality data processing and very high standard for data entry quality.

For further information on our process, please communicate with us, we will be happy to explain the details.

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