Outsourcing Data Entry to India

Outsource Data Entry to India

Every day it is becoming more and more apparent that data entry will become a priority issue for businesses and organisations as we approach the new decade. Innovations in data digitalization and storage seem to occur at a daily rate, and every development forces companies to re-examine how they handle the vast quantities of data flowing through their offices. As a result, serious decisions are being made around how these companies manage their resources in order to maximise growth and maintain competitiveness.  A natural progression of this triaging of resources is to outsource data entry services, and India is fast becoming the preferred provider of this.

As a nation with the third largest concentration of English-speakers in the world, with a large, young and well-educated workforce, outsourcing data entry to India guarantees access to a high-quality service while also significantly reducing overhead costs; in 2016, around six million graduates were added to the national roster, around half of whom had skills applicable to a career in the IT industry. The size of this pool of professionals allows Indian outsourcing companies to drive high standards and quick turnaround times. And growth in the sector is only expected to continue; the country’s National Association of Software and Service Companies projects that India’s IT exports will exceed $330 billion by 2019-2020, or around 14% of global spend on IT outsourcing. This will in-turn allow Indian companies to build on their “traditional” outsourcing background and transform the industry into a value-added destination for companies with other requirements, such as complex methods of data conversion.

There is also the question of future-planning. The use of data itself as a revenue generator in areas such as data mining or e-commerce generates a continuous requirement for data processing services, and even with the associated advances in technology, there will still be a demand for human involvement, increasing the demand for outsourcing services. Therefore, investing in the services of a data entry company in India will not only enable a company to bring down costs, drive efficiency and improve growth but represents a forward-thinking approach for tackling future challenges.

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