Outsource data entry services to offshore India is Cheap

This part is very obvious. Outsourcing to 3rd world countries is cheap. You get to save more than 70% in deals and project execution costs.

Data Entry India
 provides data digitization and gets you closer to paperless management which indirectly saves about 2% of your costs annually.

So, what else is there to know about it? The answer to the question is also a question.

Why is outsourcing data entry to India so cheap?

Is it because the labor costs are very low in India? No, labor costs are pretty much market competitive for data entry clerical positions. Our education standards are also very good and comparable to the best world over.

So, what really makes us cheap is the difference in currency between that of a dollar and India rupees.

Apart from the current difference the other main reason you will find us to be cheap is the fact the market has become extremely competitive between the years with many number of data entry operation centers opening up every where in India.

Opening a data entry outsourcing center in India is relatively easy and owing to that we face numerous small time competitors quoting well below sustainable rates to capture business.

This prolongs and forced to come up newer strategies to remain market competitive.

Data Entry India is one among the best offshore outsourcing companies in India and offer legitimate and secure data entry outsourcing solution. 

We have market presence and domain expertise in data entry and related technology enabling.

Our work force is fully trained, processed with background checks and infrastructure is state of the art for such kind of works.

We are also located in a well developed part of the country with a great advantage to communications and transportation. The cost of living is low in comparison to major metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

All of the above factors allow us to quote in a very budget friendly manner. We are thus making sure that we do not quote unsustainable pricing for the sake of securing a business deal.

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