Real Estate Industry – Data Entry and Processing Services

The key to successful real estate business is in being to have information’s at fingertips and the information should be large enough to service multiple customer bases at any given time.

Data Entry India is a specialist when it comes to Real Estate industry services. We have domain knowledge of the industry needs and are aware of industrial standards for data processing. Data Entry India has processed information for Brokers, doing form data entry by filling out broker price opinion (BPO) forms.

Data Entry India has Real Estate & comparable market experience and thus we are able to offer solid A-Plus degree advantage to the industry data entry needs.

Data entry service for Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Forms

We process information ranging from building information that includes:

  • Address (House # + Street)
  • Doorman
  • Elevator
  • Walkup
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Pet policy
  • Building website URL &
  • Others apartment related data.

An average real estate industry data entry operation involves entry of apartment information with fields including:

  • Apartment number
  • Number of bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Floor area size in square foot and
  • Exposure (N, S, W, E)

If the real estate data entry is being for online information listing websites also known as ILS websites, we also include data entry of:

  • Property description
  • Rent information
  • Instructions among several other small but useful information

Our Expertise

The process knowledge of the real estate industry has helped us enable data entry works in real estate industry a very quick and integrated process. Data Entry India will be able to configure forms for complete Real Estate Industry markets worldwide and the data entry team of Data Entry India will master the process very quickly.

An enigma associated with this industry is in the small amount of details that needs to be captured for variety of processes associated with leasing, renting and acquiring a real estate. Data Entry India extends services to individual brokers to larger and enables smoother, faster transitions.

Data Entry India has domain knowledge and expertise as a key USP and we prove the expertise by processing sample requests free.

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