Medical (Healthcare) Industry Data Entry & Processing Services

Within Medical (Healthcare) industry, there is virtual data entry, data processing and real world data flow by process.

These works need a higher entry criteria and not just anyone with knowledge of typing can work on it.

Medical / Healthcare Insurance Claims / Forms Processing

Data Entry India has become versatile in handling information that is full of technical, medical terms.

We thus perform data entry and processing work involving:

  • Medical insurance forms
  • Dental insurance forms
  • Medicare remittance notices
  • Medicare summary notices etc.

We handle,

  • Hand written
  • Scanned files
  • Image files
  • Voice based Transcription and
  • Non-voice based processes

Our resources have the necessary information background, qualifications to fully process data and perform both

Advanced process management and project control methods employed by us are extremely handy in ensuring accurate data capture and systemic information processing.

Enjoy the experience with working domain experts of the industry

Quick Data Entry performed by our resources is quality rich and consistent with timelines.

Data entry processes are governed through hierarchy of

  • Team leads
  • Quality control experts and
  • Work audit professionals.

Symmetric data processing management systems employed are highly effective in providing faster data entry solution.

We are domain experts and a Data Entry Industry leader in India; it takes all our knowledge to maintain our position.

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If you have question regarding our pricing, processes, concerns over security of data and file sharing methods, please contact us and we will happy to help gain confidence in our processes.

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