Legal Industry Data Entry & Processing Services

Legal industry data entry and data processing services are primarily aimed at Litigation Data Entry, Document processing and related services.

Data Entry India – Key player in litigation / legal data entry and data processing outsourcing services

Data Entry India is key player in Litigation Process Outsourcing and one among the top offshore outsourcing companies in India to achieve that exemplary services recognition in Quality Litigation Data Entry and Data Processing Services.

We provide services from

  • Document Preparation
  • Document Coding & Assembly
  • Unitization
  • Document Scanning & Indexing
  • Electronic or Manual Bates Numbering

We also do

  • Post Processing & Cleanup
  • Electronic Data Discovery
  • Database Management Services
  • Custom Database Reporting
  • CD/DVD Duplication
  • Class Action Mailings &
  • Class Response Processing

Offshore litigation data entry and processing services

Data Entry India focuses on customers from law firm or corporate counsel office with large volume of paper based processes.

Data Entry India provides skills and resources for complete transition management from paper-based system to a digital document management environment.

Data Entry India provides complete litigation support services to manage the process of document scanning, processing and Entry.

Forward looking attitude and customer friendly approach has made us one of the most suitable vendors for offshore litigation data entry and data processing services.

Getting started

If you have question regarding our pricing, processes, concerns over security of data and file sharing methods, please contact us and we will happy to help gain confidence in our processes.

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