Industries That Require Data Entry Services

Companies are now preferring to outsource their data entry services.

A data entry company offers several advantages such as accuracy, validity, reliability, efficiency and more. When a business needs to handle a huge amount of data, it is better to let a data entry company deal with bulky information. Many industries these days require data entry services for running their business smoothly.

The most common industries that need a data entry company assisting them are –

Real estate industry

A real estate agency always needs to have data at its fingertips so it can provide the clients with the information. These companies have a large customer base and they can be needed to be served at any time. So, it is a wise decision for real estate agencies to assign a data entry company for handling their data. Data entry companies process information for brokers by doing form data and filling out BPO forms. They provide services like processing building information including address, doorman, elevator, walk-up, gym, pool, pet policy, building website URL and more. They also operate data and collect information about apartment number, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, floor area size in square foot and exposure to east, west, north or south. The real estate agency can also have data entry companies do data entry of property information, rent information and several other small and useful information.

Ecommerce/Online Stores/Cart

Data quality is as important as product quality for any eCommerce website to be successful. No matter how high-quality products you offer, it is of no use if people are not interested in them. It is the data quality that inspires people to purchase items from your online store. Data entry companies offer proper content including images, specifications and descriptions of a product. They realise the importance of collaborating content with the product sold and thus, serve the eCommerce industry according to it.

Insurance industry

As a procedure-oriented industry, the insurance industry is involved with a lot of paperwork. So, speedy and thorough information is an absolute necessity.  Insurance companies, agents and medical transcription professionals hire the services of insurance data entry for this reason. Data entry companies offer claims processing which refers to correcting data from the handwritten format of doctors and medical bills. These companies offer various types of claims data entry and processing including –

  • Dismemberment claim forms.
  • Disability claim forms.
  • Critical illness claim forms.
  • Hospitalization claim forms.
  • Death claim forms.
  • HCFA data entry.
  • UB data entry.

Transport industry

Transportation is not as simple as it sounds. It involves a lot of logistical data calculation. It is important to have shrewd knowledge of operations research matrix. The calculation of information becomes crucial for the profit of a transportation company because the profits are directly related to transport measures. So, the transportation industry seeks the assistance of data entry services as well. Data entry companies understand the primary needs of the transportation industry which results in perfect management and delivery.

Publication industry

Data entry companies process various classes of publications. These works are mostly related to article gathering, data mining, document conversion and processing. Industries like Petro, oil, gas industries, fashion industries and many more require the data entry services.

Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing units have to keep track of several functions and operations, and it is a must to seek assistance from a data entry company to process everything efficiently. A data entry company takes care of sales order processing, inventory data processing, order dispatch detail processing, bill of material maintenance, update data entry and more.

Apart from these, several other industries like mortgage, human resource, education, medical, legal and marketing industries are also served by a data entry company.

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