Data Entry India is an offshore data entry company

What is your team size?

We are a team of 70+ currently and growing day by day.

Where are you located?

We are located in Ahmedabad, the former capital of Gujarat. Gujarat is one of fastest growing states in India. Our offices are located in a prime location with easy access to all forms of transportations.

How long have you been doing data entry projects?

Our management has been in the field of outsourced data entry project management for over a decade and our senior team for nearly half a decade or more.

The production team is well trained and will have a minimum of 1 year experience with data entry operations.

Do you have domain expertise with Industry specific Data Entry works?

Do you have experience with different types of data entry works?

Yes, we perform the following type of data entry works:

  • Online Data Entry
    • These jobs involves use of Internet and communication technology to access software or machines from remote locations and perform data entry. This is one of the safest ways for data entry particularly when the source files cannot be transferred.
  • Offline Data Entry
    • These jobs are essentially about compiling data from different input file formats such as papers, scanned images and PDF or other files types and performing data entry in to word, access, excel type of files.
  • PDF Data Entry
    • PDF data entry is about performing data gathering from PDF files and entering them in to alternate desired formats. It could be excel files or word files or access or XML, basically any format of choice from
  • Cart Data Entry
    • In this service, we do data entry in to shopping carts that help run online shopping business for customers. General shopping carts include Zen Cart, OS Commerce, Yahoo and other such popular shopping carts.
  • Survey/Questionnaire Data Entry
    • Under this service, customer can have us perform data entry of survey forms, questions and their respective responses. We use combination of techniques and tools to achieve the best results.
  • Handwritten Data Entry
    • Handwritten documents can be digitized and converted in proper word, excel type documents by having them typed out by our speed typists and verified through data entry and processing techniques.
  • Image Data Entry
    • We can covert data from images in to editable digital formats and have them submitted to your for record keeping and maintenance. We handle all forms of image types.

How soon can you get started with data entry project work?

We can get started as soon as we have your requirements and our sample work gets approved.

The normal process takes a few minutes to a maximum of 1 working day for us to get started, so that almost immediate.

How to send & receive files?

Sending and receiving files is real simple with us. You can courier us or use one of our secure FTP accounts to upload files on to our server or simply email us in attachments.

We will get the files back to your desired preferences.

Do you provide separate FTP accounts?

Yes, we provide safe and secure private FTP account with unlimited file upload facility.

What is the cost of Data Entry?

Cost of data entry per record will only be a few cents, if the volume of work is very less we charge a minimum billing of GBP 100.00

Will you do free samples?

Yes, we do. Please send us your requirements and input files, we will perform free sample and mail you the output.

How long before we get a price for the project?

We send out proposals at almost the same time when we have the initial project sample work completed. The time needed for sample is in direct proportion for us to send the project proposals.

What is your turn around time?

Project turn around time depends on the volume of the project itself. Small projects end with in a week or less and for large projects we do daily or periodic work submission to keep up with aggressive progress needed.

What are your security measures?

We follow the ISMS – Information Security Management System security framework provided by ISO bodies and the framework covers all aspects of the business and connectivity areas.

We have physical security, policies for having mobiles with storage media, removable storage devices and access to files, folders, server rooms etc…

Do you sign NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement?

By default all our employees are made to sign a NDA when taking up employment with us. Further, we also provide and sign NDA as part of services offering to our clients.

How many customers do you have?

We have served for more than 850+ customers.  We have a 100% customer retention ratio i.e. all clients have provided us with repeat orders.

How do you do the billing?

We do billing on

  • Fixed cost basis
  • Hourly basis &
  • Monthly basis

Customized billing options are also available as per your needs.

What are your per hour rates?

Our hourly billing rates start from GBP 2.50 and reaches a high of GBP 6.00 per hour. The rates differ on the basis of skills & experience needed for performing a job.

How does the pricing work?

Our pricing are configured to reduce your financial burdens and eventually reduces when mass volume of data processing is involved in it. That is if you increase the project volume and time, the end price can also go down.

How to get started?

We need your input files and instructions for the project. We do a sample of your input files by following your instructions. Then we quote a price & turn around time. When all terms are agreed, we proceed with execution of the project.

What are your working hours?

We work on shifts covering all 24 hours. We operate till Saturday and there is a leave on Sunday.

Will my data be secure?

Yes, we have layers of embedded security and protocols for accessing the data. No data ever leaves the company expect when delivering you the project work.

Will there be anyone designated for project coordination?

We appoint project specific manager to handle all communications and offer support explaining and reporting project progress on timely manner.

Will you provide invoices?

Yes, we maintain proper log of all project works and so providing invoice to clients is a must for us.

How does payment work?

You can send us payment through Paypal or Wire transfer or any other suitable method that is proven reliable.

Do you have back up procedures?

Yes, the back up procedures are part of business continuity plans. We take regular data back up and store them at distinct, secure locations.

Do you do scanning jobs? If yes, how do we send the files?

Yes, we do scanning works and you can send us the files through mailing services. It takes 3-5 days to reach us from any where in the world.

Do you quote separately for scanning and data entry works?

Yes, we can give you separate quotes for scanning and data entry works respectively.

Do you do double or triple data entry?

We perform double data entry for especially on projects with bad images or poor quality input files and hand written documents where the information is often not clear and can lead to misinterpretation.

Also, triple data entry performed for much the same reasons. Customers are advised accordingly when a project requires intense data processing with double or triple data entry works.

Do you use automation software for quality control?

Yes, we use programmatic tools for verifying data against a known set of values and databases. Also, we do data mismatch verification using Macro scripts.

How many projects have you done so far?

We have executed more than 900+ projects till date.

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