Word Processing Services

Word processing services involves the dedicated use of MS Word specialist, advanced user groups to achieve the best in formatting, document design, template based word document processing.

We can have PDF files, HTML/CSS design based files and our team can create the exact or better replica of design works in the ms office word processing services.

Our advance word processing services include:

  • Typing/transcribing (depends on image or document quality)
  • OCR spell checking and text auditing (depends on image or document quality)
  • Text formatting and adjusting / preparing charts, tables, images and equations
  • Header and footer setting including page numbers
  • Setting up bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Index preparation

We provide the services for word processing office of different types. Even though our team uses open office suites extensively, we work with Microsoft Office in the event advanced formatting needs generally unavailable with open office suite.

To know more about the services, please contact us.

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