Cart Data Mining – Web Data Mining


Cart data mining is primal service domain for Data Entry India. The information transcends in to ecommerce domain and the information so accumulated performs the deed of formidable sales pitch.

Online data mining work performed by our team generates a host of information that includes products details i.e. the prices, specifications images and related information. All these data are compiled in such a way immediate data import can be done easily.

Our services under cart data mining include but not limited to:

  • New products adding with using template or direct in backend system / web form.
  • Price analysis with competitors of products.
  • Order processing in Quick Book.
  • eCommerce maintenance, like taking care of inventory, adding new colors, SKUs or Images.
  • Image processing, like resizing, background removal, color contrast adjusting etc.
  • HTML News Letter designing and sending, maintenance etc.

CSV data file mining is closely related to import needs of a cart solution. Our team digs up information and proceeds to create files in .CSV formats yields fine-tuned harvestable results to our customers.

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