XML Data Entry

XML is a type of script that allows users to define their own data formats. Typically, a database had pre-defined data formats such as

  • Number
  • Character/Tex
  • Money
  • Decimal
  • Integer
  • Real number
  • Yes/No(Boolean)
  • Date
  • Time

With the help XML any type of database format can be defined, stored and transmitted. However, using XML or viewing XML does not happen with out the support or basic use of HTML.

About the XML data entry service

XML data entry service is in principle a form tags and technology aided service. We at Data Entry India frequently have our resources trained to execute new and developing technology oriented works.

XML though is not so new; its usage has only recently started becoming a trend among web technology enabled solution.

Some of the examples of how XML data works in collusion with html or any other scripting language include:

  • MLS listing – Property information data entry in to XML formats and shared to multiple Realtor websites, this allows end users to easily adopt data from the XML and displaying them using HTML or other scripting languages. MLS listings are market mandate for USA real estate scenario and are extensively used. Our services cater to millions of XML data entry records.


  • Hotel Booking & Information Services – Hotel booking is performed online along side entire travel plans through multiple services posting website. The hotels can chose submit updated booking information through the XML data entry works.


  • Intranet – Extranet Integrations – Large corporate use internal ERP/CRM solutions and also regulate their business operations related sales, purchase and maintenance related data through the internet.While the ERP/CRM solutions represent what would be a genuine development of global process optimization, internet offers limitless communication between the outside world and business functions. XML data entry is an excellent way to interface application made from different technologies altogether as they work will all types of programs.


Let experts do their job – XML data entry and HTML data entry

Data Entry is a technically adept unit for handling XML data entry works. We can effectively include tags as required and prepare complete XML standards compliant documents.

We are aware of handling exceptions with the document can synchronize the data with HTML data entry works as well.

Our quality control team assures that the XML validation is carried out with every file before submission. We check if the XML document is well formed and also conforms to the rules of a Document Type Definition (DTD). The DTD defines the structure of an XML document.

Since any error is XML document can stop its application, we carry out W3C standards specification enabled XML data entry validations.

Apart from the verification and validations, we also help with tag formation and DTD settings.

Start outsource XML data entry and HTML data entry to offshore Indian Company at extremely affordable prices

Regardless of your industry domain, company size, you will find unilateral and diverging services at extremely affordable prices with us.

Please contact us with your requirements, we will process a free sample and provide you with a proposal that you cannot refuse.

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