Image Data Entry

Data Entry India is a serious & sincere services provider of image processing and data entry from images formats of any type i.e. jpg, gif, tiff, tif etc…

Image data entry works are realizable without spending sizable amount of money by using a combination of tools and data entry operators and some serious quality control processes.

Data Entry India offers cheaper alternatives in outsourcing image data entry works and has been establishing claim over superior data processing among top offshore data entry companies in India.

Data Entry India train resources for a number of tasks including that of image data entry. A knowledge base is built with team for processing information in credible fashion and emphasis is made of following procedure and protocols for accessing, processing and storing data.

Data Entry India’s quality control processes almost automatically enable high quality image data entry even when processing high volume of data. We receive input images from every type of business both small and big and are scanned images of:

  • Applications forms
  • Memos
  • Instruction manuals
  • Books
  • Handwritten scanned copies etc…

Our data entry team processes the documents for image quality fully sort and verify them for further image data entry.

Some poor quality images are difficult to process using automated character reader tools such as OCR/ICR; in such cases, the effort involved in processing increases and so does the error percentage if not pre-defined and classified for special data processing.

Data Entry India have safe hands to hold your Image Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry India’s knowledgeable team of professionals has years of experience in handling image file formats of all quality and thus can quickly find ways to improvise on available input files and process them seamlessly.

Outsourcing image data entry to our team has it’s our benefits. You would not have to do an analysis to clearly notice that we not only provide you a price advantage, we have outlived our competitors by providing emphatic high yield services in data entry field.

Getting Image Data Entry Done Never Been Easy As With Data Entry India

Offshore Data Entry team available with Data Entry India is one of the best you will find world over. You can start taking advantage of the great pricing and skill available with Data Entry India for Image processing works starting today.

Send us a sample file for processing and evaluating our team strength and we will do our best to convince you to outsource image data entry projects to us. Data Entry India provides safe FTP accounts for each client with unlimited data holding capacity. You can send us as many files as you need securely through our dedicated servers.

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