Handwritten Data Entry

We provide affordable data entry clerical staff for hire. Our skills are with dedicated data entry of handwritten documents.

The documents are scanned from paper and made available in various formats such as:

  • .jpg,
  • .gif
  • .tiff
  • .bmp &
  • .pdf

Our data entry team is capable to handle any complex nature handwritten data entry projects and process huge volume in very short turn around. We support all type of application or data base for output format such as excel or other database formats, unique file type.

Data Entry India has so far processed handwritten documents such as

  • Handwritten paper clips
  • Handwritten memos
  • Handwritten work orders
  • Handwritten address books
  • Handwritten taxation data & calculations
  • Handwritten claims forms
  • Handwritten doctor’s prescription and many such documents

99.97% data accuracy is maintained while doing handwritten data entry.

Data Entry India accomplishes such high quality standards through commitment, dedication and with the use of expertise, skills, man-power and technology.

High quality will be assured in any handwritten data entry, with our proven double data entry or two pass verification system.

Data Entry of handwritten documents performed by our data entry team goes through some fundamental quality assurance protocols. Data Entry India can assure you quality standards of up to 99.999% through these standards and processes.

Data entry India performs:

  • double data entry or two pass verification
  • data triple entry
  • further data verification through software technology
  • data mismatch corrections

And, many such processes to make sure that we provide top of the chart quality.

Our professional understand that handwritten data can be very easily misinterpreted, thus by practicing smart governance of data during its each stage, data entered by our team remains consistently of high quality.

We also understand that information related to finances, healthcare, contacts are extremely vital and 0% margin of error a must.

Handwritten structured forms are also processed by Data Entry India with ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition and depending on the quality of the image, we depute data entry operators to cross check and correct the handwritten data output.

Thus, we check the same set of information multiple times before releasing it as a final output.

Getting done your handwritten data entry project at affordable rates

Data Entry India is an Indian outsourcing company facing stiff competition from the market. We distinguish ourselves through effective pricing models; value added services and basically providing very high degree of quality and maintaining it consistently.

To know more about the service and to receive free quote, please submit a sample document with us.

Our data processing team processes documents free, while also understanding your project requirements, getting updated data information of the project, timelines and effort estimation.

We will give you a proposal that you will find is hard to refuse. We are the best at what we do and we assure you a very safe handling of all handwritten documents.

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