Excel Data Entry

Performing data entry in to excel files is a structural and constructive job. Data Entry India specializes in customization excel form fields for most efficient data entry and data processing.

We have evolved our own series of do’s and don’ts for doing the data entry in excel sheets.

Microsoft Excel is the most powerful tool for data entry

The process of data entry in to excel sheet starts with creating of the form. Microsoft excel is a very powerful tool for business affairs management. Excel is more of an environment with full of options for capturing and maintaining data of all sorts. Our team processes for excel data entry by configuring the suitable fields and obtaining the most optimal data entry module. We follow series of steps to minimize typos when doing data entry is by way of using high and low set data field parameters. We identify and configure the forms for data entry and ensure best results with minimum efforts.

Minimum efforts ensure that we spend less time doing the data entry of each record and thus are able to quote competitive rates. You as a customer will benefit from faster execution, 99.99% quality levels and lower outsourcing rates for data entry.

Data Entry India ensures high quality excel data entry by using double data entry or two pass verification method

Excel Data Entry also involves use of copy paste key functions, data is copied from input file formats such as PDF files, web pages and other source types and pasted on to excel files.

Another golden advantage of doing data entry is in its ability help correct errors. The best way to ensure very high rate of data entry is doing double data entry.

Excel data entry is done on two files with the same source file input and compared for data mismatch. Macro based comparison immediately helps correct the mismatch and thus ensuring that the error percentage goes down enormously in the final output file.

Data Entry India is an expert in the field of Excel Data Entry and can be of your assistance for processing any volume of data.

Get free sample done of your excel data entry to ensure high quality before outsource

When outsourcing to Data Entry India, you can have a sampling done with us free. The sampling will show case just how much of in-principle data formatting methods do we use against the input you have provided.

Our team is always happy to receive a challenge and we are prompt at handling inquires, samples. Please drop us your requirement brief and we will process a sample and while demonstrating our capabilities with good quality data entry, we will also give you a quote, turn around time for the project.

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