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“Outsourcing to India was not as easy as I thought it would be. Locating a trustworthy company seemed like an uphill task.

You know, you guys know just how to convince and maintain the first impression forever. I am sending more work this quarter… Happy New Year!”

Simon, Leasky

“Being a sub-contractor for claims processing services, we were unsure of Outsourcing at first.

It was with considered risk that we started outsourcing excess work; today you have proven your worth. Keep it up. We will be doing more business soon”

Burdis, Torri

“Ever since we began outsourcing, we tried every type of offshore data entry service provider in India.

We even explored freelancers, work from mom’s; none could match your due diligence and commitment to work quality standards. You are my most treasured find of all.”

Langly, Tim

“Dear Sales, Data Entry India

I am happy to report that your sample exercise as a proof of concept was found very satisfactory by our team.

We will be sending in approx 1000 articles a month for regular data entry in to the CMS part of the website….”.

Scott, Thomas

“Ok, voice based process combined with full use of our systems for data entry was done effectively..

In relation to your prices, we find that it is market competitive and honestly speaking, we are not using your services because you guys came cheap….”

Liam, Casey

“The new HR system was difficult to comprehend and I do not know how it works even today.

Having your team analyze and master the system and then go about taking a huge load of my shoulders. I should thank you guys a million times for each record you punched in…. “.

Colin, Douglas

“I got nothing to comment on. You guys have done such a perfect job. My time and money is well spent.

Take care on the week end; we will discuss further work next week …”

J, Nick

“Precisely what I needed!

Carry on. I will process the payment by tomorrow. You are on the right track.  We are in need of similar web data research for another 3 categories. Let me send you the details, I think I can have all work managed with you now…”


“Hey you guys have sent me more than 11,000 possible leads from a single state. How did you get that information?

Oh, yes that’s your business and so I hired you. Way to go fellows. I am impressed. How did you do it so quickly? I am going to be busy running a campaign now, do you do that too?”

Lb, Brando

“Seems like our process were not so different from theirs, but who cares.

Our products are better built, the product info you gathered has much of the information we needed.

Did you actually talk with their employees? and wow, you really travel the distance don’t you…

D Jr. ,Petet

“Daily 300 products information has to be updated. You will have to call some of the customers to clarify product information.

Your services so far have been promising and the delivery is also good and timely.

I am expanding my outsourcing tasks now; I hope you will be consistent at handling the extra load”

Tj, James

“Thanks, I got the info needed. I think all air lines are covered and the ones with low prices have been filtered.

Thank you for the extra effort in keeping with the schedule”

Z, Anderson

“Naturalized search process does not always work. I am not sure; basically it’s too much of time to spend.

Your work is sound; we have what we needed in your research. Thank you… ”

A, Peterson

“We have been storing data of sales for nearly 3 years in an organized manner. Never once did we interpret the data the way you guys did.

It was our CEO who decided to find a good company to make sense of all data and wanted it done cheap. Glad we found you”.


“Surely it took us 3 days of chat to fully discuss the requirements. I think I was finding it difficult and I think I am right about it.

You guys took to data re-arranging like fish takes to water. Now that we have validated your work with software, we know you are perfect…”

Austin, US

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