Data Entry Quality

Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity

Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated by Operatives are laid out for proper execution of projects.

These guidelines for Data Entry quality is conveyed through divergence of measures from the project management team with perfect follow-up on procedures.

We have fully developed information resources & management control procedures for reviewing and substantiating quality of work before it is submitted. At quality levels of 99.95% and above, Data Entry India has steadily maintained a 100% client retention factor by providing consistent quality in our work.

Outsourcing is a strategic step for companies both small and big; Data Entry India makes the strategy a success by providing high quality data entry.

Final Quality Audit Process

In brief, our quality control goes through a series of checks and in cyclic manner thus ensuring that any misses and mix-ups rectified when the next cycle reached.

The process starts with the receipt of documents. How a files are accessed and distributed sets the tone for subsequent process control and helps ensure a through quality audit of data entry works.

  • Files received from client
  • Modes of communication/File Transfer
    • FTP
    • E-Mail
    • Snail Mail
      • Paper Documents
      • DVD/VCD
      • Other transferable memory formats
  • Define Preventive actions for quality control
  • Document Control
  • Project Team Hierarchy Definition
    • Access Permission are set as per the Project Hierarchy
  • Selective file distribution for
    • Technical Skills
    • Domain Expertise
      • Review & Control
  • Record Control
  • Micro level scrutiny of document
  • Data Entry of Records from each Documents
    • Review & Control
  • Internal Quality Audit
  • Receive processed records/documents
  • Quality Circle Review
    • Reviewing hierarchies of causes contributing to a problem
    • Analyses different causes by frequency to illustrate the vital cause
  • Take Corrective Actions

Quality Control Process Chart

Quality Control Circle


Quality circles have the advantage of continuity; the circle remains intact from project to project. Every word data entry in to an excel file or word document can be corrected for spellings, but spelling of un-recognized words formats such as names are not ascertained by the automated spell checkers.

The quality circle processes information by two basic ways:

  • Reviewing hierarchies of causes contributing to a problem
  • Analyses different causes by frequency to illustrate the vital cause

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