Outsource XML Data Conversion Services

XML data conversion is one of the core area of expertise of Data Entry India. XML stands for extensible Markup Language; it is form of data structure interaction module that allows users to have their own data field format with practically no limits to it. The XML need special treatment in terms of its validation and character standards.

A XML on its own does nothing, but when integrated to HTML/CSS or any other programming language becomes a very powerful medium for communication in the internet.

Data Entry India is having fine tuned understanding of the XML interactivity and provides every facet of training to the task operatives to meet with demands of the customer. Our data entry team is thus already adopted to managing your XML data conversion needs.

Customers who outsource xml data conversion are usually having web technology and interoperability targets. Our data entry team being well adopted and having experience with such works is able to handle all areas and even provide support to customer for xml data conversion and implementation works.

We perform XML data conversion from:

  • Text to XML or Txt to XML
  • Converting word to xml
  • Excel to XML or XLS to XML
  • Convert PDF to xml
  • HTML to XML
  • Convert jpeg to xml

Data conversion XML projects can be outsourced to us by conducting a pilot run with our team with no cash involved with in it. All you have to do is to send us your requirements and a small number of input files, instructions for the job. You will be amazed at the quality and correctness of our and equally impressed with the affordable prices we quote

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