Microfiche Data Conversion Services

Data Entry India provides high quality and cost effective microfiches data conversion services, we have high speed microfilm and microfiche scanners and we can scan up to 600 DPI images.

We can provide output in multiage Tiff images, full text searchable PDF files or XML/HTML/SGML format. We can also provide output in text format with selective text or in database fields compatible with any application.

We process various kinds of microfiche and examples include:

  • 16mm
  • 35mm
  • COM Fiche
  • Jacket Fiche

Key industry domains that benefit from outsourcing microfiche data conversion services includes the medical/healthcare industry & financial industry.

The indexing of the converted microfiche files is also performed for better search facilities with manual keying. Generally, the microfiche data conversion yields output in form of images.

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