Data Cleansing Services – Consumer Data Base Cleansing

It sure feels good to be correct!
We help you find comfort by ensuring through cleansing up of your consumer database.

Service elements of Data Clean up!

Data Scrubbing

We correct the information which could have changed over a period of time. For e.g. addresses.

Data Alignment

Sorting out data and placing them at correct locations. The process is enormously useful for querying, coding and reporting purposes.

Data Standardization

Same data stored at different locations or file formats is brought under singular and more easily manageable structure.

Data De-Duplication Services

Inaccurate data repetitions are resolved using keying and programmatic techniques. We use macros to advance programs for accuracy.

Mailing List Cleanup Services

1.2 million Changes to UK addresses a year, we help you keep track of these changes and maintain updated database.

E-Mail Validation Services

We perform customized data audits. E-Mail Validation identifies the deliverable customer list & reduces your overall e-mail marketing costs.

Getting Started, Pricing & Process?

1. We can send you free Data Audit Samples.
2. Processing needs a maximum of 3 working days
3. You can hire resources for constant maintenance
4. Skill based pricing is applicable
5. We work on all common database types and formats

Facts & Figures

1. 35% of All Mass Mail ends up as Spam
2. 30% of effort goes in to Auditing data
3. 11% of the population move home each year
4. 70% of customers value constant record updates
5. 97% of email campaign loses 30% of accuracy
6. 99% is the highest accuracy factor

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