How Offline Data Entry Can Benefit You

Data entry is an essential form of electronic data and a cornerstone factor for generating your business. Data Entry can be characterized as a computerized form of specifically categorizing data in an excel sheet format irrespective of which format the initial data was in i.e. PDF, JPG etc. There are two types of data entries: offline and online. For the purpose of this article, we’ll discuss the former and its many benefits thereof. Here is how offline data entry can benefit you:

Offline data entry as the name suggests is done entirely offline. It is not necessary for you to show visibility to your clients. Offline data entry work generally includes typing forms, eBooks, converting essential data and data capturing.

Offline data entry can be divided into the following sub-categories:

  • Data entry for Books and Catalogs
  • Data Entry for documents which are handwritten
  • Data for important eBooks
  • Data entry for images which are scanned in multiple formats
  • Data entry for Cards
  • Offline entry of legal documents
  • Sorting, Typing and Indexing data in any format – offline.
  • Offline capturing of Data

 The importance of offline data entry services:

Inevitably many industry sectors are burdened with the total amount of back-office processes which they have to deal with on a regular basis including accounting for billing, invoicing, procurement, etc. This process ends up creating a sizeable number of documents which have to be captured and collated in an organized and an efficient manner.

Offline data entry is the only method by which this can be effectively and efficiently done. Thus, in order to improve the business efficacy – one cannot possibly compromise on it. Outsourcing the process to a credible offline data entry service provider can be beneficial to you. This is because, in-house teams take more time to finish the process and they require an additional investment of resources, time, and infrastructure.

So why is outsourcing important in offline data entry services?

Listed below are the benefits:

  • Companies to whom offline data entry services are outsourced have more experience than the in-house team
  • They provide with a customized and scalable service
  • A wide range of sources including scanned documents, pdf, and JPGs are accepted
  • Their commitment to diligence, security and most importantly confidentiality of client data
  • They are extremely reliable and securely transfer and manage the data so provided to them
  • Most external data services companies have the latest technology to process the data
  • Their diligent work yields accuracy rates of over 98% and their quality assurance expert team ensures that the final work is devoid of any missing data or data which is found to be inaccurate.

In conclusion, it can be stated that offline data services are now becoming an indispensable component in our daily businesses. For this very purpose, hiring an external data services company handling offline data entry is vital for the furtherance and processing of your important data – used in the day to day activities.

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