Services Offered by Data Entry Outsource Companies

In the contemporary cut-throat world of competition, a company does not have the time and manpower to waste on day-to-day paperwork and procedures. Whether it is a small business or a large business, a large amount of data is generated almost on a daily basis that needs to be organised and processed regularly. Small businesses also depend on the data entry companies like the multi-nationals to take care of their data entry processes.

A large number of data entry outsource companies have come up in the past decade that are operating successfully and boast of having renowned clients. These data entry companies have elaborated their portfolio by expanding their services.

A glimpse into their world –

Data entry services:

The data entry services usually include online and offline processes of data entry. Other than this, these data entry service providers also take care of the PDF data entry, Cart data entry, Image data entry, Excel data entry, MS Access data entry, Asp Net data entry, and XML data entry. Advanced technology used to perform these tasks and in some cases do it manually, as per situation and project demands.

Data processing services:

Data processing services include digital image processing like resizing of an image, cropping, histogram setting, and edits like colour changes, increasing or decreasing sharpness and/or softness of the images. Word processing services according to the outsource companies involve text auditing, OCR spell checking, index preparation etc. Forms processing services incorporate insurance, tax forms entry, invoice, resume forms entry as well as survey and accounting forms entry. Claim processing services and survey data processing services also fall under the category of data processing services.

Data conversion services:

The demand for outsourcing XML data conversion services is quite high as it encompasses Excel to XML, HTML to XML, PDF to XML, and JPEG to XML and so on. OCR data conversion, Microfiche data conversion, and Document data conversion also offered by the data entry outsource service providers.

Data cleansing services:

Data cleansing services basically incorporate various processes of updating data, removing inaccurate data repetitions, erasing old unnecessary data. Mailing list clean-up, data scrubbing, data alignment, data standardisation and data de-duplication are part of data cleansing services offered by data entry companies. Email validation services include data audits. The process of email validation identifies the deliverable customer list and thus stops from spending more on email marketing.

Data mining services:

The data entry service providers organise data in a systematic way that ensures easy extraction in the future. Cart data mining, web data mining, e-book data mining are some areas for which businesses contact data entry outsource companies. Stock market data mining also offered by some of the data entry companies.

To save time and invest in core business processes, numerous companies are seeking help of renowned data entry outsource companies. They employ advanced technology and have a good turnover record usually. The above-mentioned services are affordable and there is a reduced chance of making mistakes. All in all, the importance of data entry companies cannot be overlooked in this century.

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