Various Types of Data Conversion Services

You must be wondering what has made the outsourcing of data conversion services such a huge trend across various industries. Nowadays every form of document used in every stream of business requires a mandatory database optimization and preservation process. In case you are looking for a solution to update and modernize your resources, data conversion becomes the inevitable option. Most offshore data entry outsourcing companies also specialize in offering financially beneficial data conversion services among various other domains.

The primary advantages reaped by the companies which outsource data conversion services to specialized offshore companies are the saving of huge amounts of costs and time. The following are the various types of services that fall under the category of data conversion services:

OCR data conversion services:

OCR is a tool that enables in speeding up the process of conversion of data from various file formats into suitable ones. The process of OCR data conversion provides the ideal solution of converting data from with enhanced efficiency and diminished effort.

XML data conversion services:

XML or extensible markup language is a type of data structure interaction module that enables users to have their own format of data field formats. When assimilated with HTML/CSS or any such programming software, xml becomes a highly effective communication tool on the internet. Clients who outsource xml data conversion services to offshore companies usually have aims of interoperability and are equipped with web-based technology.

Microfiche data conversion services:

Data entry companies superior quality and cost- effective microfiche data conversion services. The companies have high speed microfilm and microfiche scanners which help to carry out this category of data conversion services. The data conversion companies provide the output in multi page tiff images, complete easy-to-search text-based PDF format files or other formats like XML/HTML/SGML. The output can also be yielded in text-based formats with selective text. The output can also be provided in database fields which have compatibility with any type of application. The various examples of microfiche are the following:

  • 16mm
  • Com fiche
  • Jacket fiche
  • 35mm

The industry sectors which are most commonly the clients of microfiche data conversion services are financial industry and healthcare/medical industry. The data conversion experts perform the indexing of the transformed microfiche data files in order to enhance searched features with manual keying. Generally microfiche data conversion services generate output in the form of images

Document conversion services:

The term document conversion refers to the process of creation of a digital image from another formats like paper. This is a broad category of services that include document scanning and conversion for microfiche, aperture card, microfilm, paper and engineering drawings. Data conversion services could be valid in the case of scanning of fax to email and other common business practices. The data conversion experts provide rigorous supporting tools and techniques to aid optimal utilization of data.

Thus the popularity of data conversion services is well understandable. Several industrial sectors benefit from data conversion services and outsource these to specialized firms.

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