Hire Professional Data Cleansing Experts for your Business

Have you ever wondered why data entry services have become a raging trend in businesses all over the world?

Data cleansing is a category of data entry services that involves altering or removing data in a database which is inaccurate, wrongly formatted, is incomplete or has duplication errors.

The following are the various processes performed by data entry service providers that specialise in the domain of data cleansing services.
  1. Data scrubbing: The data cleansing service experts use a data scrubbing tool to rectify incorrect information which could have happened as a result of alteration over a significant span of time. The tool saves great deal of time for database administrator and is usually less expensive than manual rectification of errors.
  2. Data alignment: This involves the cataloguing the data and locating them accurately. The process immensely enables the processes of querying, coding and reporting.
  3. Data standardisation: Data often stored at various locations or file formats .This process involves bringing such data under a structure which is singular and easily manageable.
  4. Data de-duplication services: This process involves resolving the error of incorrect data repetitions. Usually, the data cleansing experts use advanced programs like macros to eliminate inaccuracies.
  5. Email validation services: Through this process, customised auditing of data performed. The main purpose of this process is to keep a check on email marketing costs.
Using following simple five-step process, data cleansing experts target the domains where the data is weak and needs major modification.
  • Plan: Identification of the set of most critical data is the first step, the focus set on high priority data. The fields that you identify should be unique to the business and the information that is being searched for. It can be information regarding job title, email address, job description, type of industry, phone number, revenue etc.
  • Analyse: After identifying the high priority data, the experts go through the data meticulously in order to detect missing data, duplicates, removal of irrelevant data or any such other discrepancies.
  • Implementation of automation: Once the cleansing has begun, the experts begin to systematise and cleanse a new flow of data that makes its entry into the system by creation of scripts and workflows. This step carried out in real time or in daily, weekly or monthly batches. This varies depending on the amount of data worked with. These routines either applied to previously stored data or to newly collected data.
  • Affix missing data: The fourth step is crucial for data records that cannot be spontaneously rectified. Examples of such data are emails, industry size, phone numbers, and company size. This process involves identifying the accurate way of recovering missing data.
  • Monitor: This step involves a routine review of issues that have the potential to become major problems. The database monitored as a whole and as well as individual units.

Hence if you need professional data cleansing, you can easily opt for any company that outsources data entry services.

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