Features of Survey Data Entry Services

You must have noticed that outsourcing of data entry has become a rage in business communities all over the world. There are several benefits of outsourcing data entry services to a country like India, the most crucial of which is saving of costs for the client company to a significant extent.

If you are wondering about the types of assignments that are carried out within the domain of data entry services, then these are as follows:
  • Online Data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • PDF data entry
  • Cart data entry
  • Survey data entry
  • EXCEL data entry

This blog highlights the details of a survey data entry service which has emerged to be one of the most crucial and frequently outsourced forms of data entry. More than 30% of the survey data contested and entirely discarded due to erroneous data interpretation which happens as a result of faulty data capture. Hence bigger businesses increasingly delegating the work to professionals specialised and trained in the field of survey data entry. These data entry companies have a keen knowledge and understanding of processes involving survey data entry and associated process of survey as well as questionnaire data entry. These specialised service providers also offer customers a range of data entry services using survey data scanning and using advanced software tools for data capture.

These companies also provide services related with mailing list creation and verification for successful survey process. Within the domain of survey data entry services, the specialised companies provide their customers survey data scanning services using advanced data tools for data capture. Experts at these companies are efficient in manual data entry of survey data. The professionals work with objective questionnaire and provide comments regarding coding of data entry. For any survey, the comments are extremely crucial for further assessment of the data. The data entry service providers specialise in organising, conducting and formatting reports for industry need which ensures focused benefits in surveys. These experts have the insight and thorough knowledge about the survey setup, and design attributes.  Mailing list gathering and entry of addresses in envelopes, preparing and presenting quality statistical reports and cross tabulations are some of the key tasks carried out by the experts of this field.

Survey document scanning entails the use of different tools such as:
  • OCR: Optical Character Reader
  • OMR: Optical Mark Recognition
  • ICR: Intelligent Character Recognition Tools

The data entry service providers also specialise in performing all forms of service data entry like:

  • Yes/no questions
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Checklists
  • Rankings
  • Likeness rating scales
  • Semantic differential rating skills
  • Ecosystem and other rating scales

Open-ended questions, where the responses are subjective, are also frequently asked by these data entry service companies. Every response is critical to the overall assessment and interpretation of data. These data entry outsourcing companies carry out survey processes meticulously so that the most accurate results yielded to their clients.

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