5 Types of Data Entry Services You Can Outsource

Any kind of data entry work is crucial for a company, but it is something that takes a lot of time and employees are often not skilled enough to take care of the task. Especially with bulk data, it is next to impossible to do data entry accurately without an error if you are not trained. Hence, it is better to outsource data entry services from an offshore company instead of doing it in-house.

Here are a few types of data entry services that you can outsource –

  1. Online data entry

Online data entry revolves around LAN/WAN/VPN networks, assigning committed systems, and accessing software in order to log in to secluded machines remotely that contain files for data entry. A data entry service provider allots resources from hardware, bandwidth and network specialities to ensure that the process of remote data entry is processed smoothly, precisely, and rapidly.

  1. Offline data entry

There are two things that every business finds challenging. One is concentrating on the business operations while maintaining precise operational data for better business management, audits, and client. The other one is spending valuable time of the company to do an important but less productive job like database maintenance. Offline data entry service providers can help you with it by doing the monotonous and tiring activity on behalf of the company with their high-speed data entry skills, and computerised office tools.

  1. PDF data entry

The full form of the PDF is Post Document Format. Its use has become very popular along with desk top publishing works. Today, it is one of the most circulated document formats. A huge benefit of using PDF is that you can reduce the file size. As a result, it is easy to store and send files via e-mails, especially when you experience lower bandwidths. Data entry companies use their extensive knowledge and professionalism to work on any type of PDF version and editions. The jobs mainly include data conversion from PDF and re-entry of data in a database like Excel or XML.

  1. Cart data entry

Online business has become a very common event in today’s world. Every day, millions of shops are establishing their online presence. Data entry service providers offer the service name cart data entry to let online business owners take a break from all the responsibilities of maintaining all product information. Shopping cart data entry involves configuring processes of well-known shopping carts that are best suited to meet customer requirements.

  1. Image data entry

Data entry service providers also offer image data entry services that mainly involve image processing and data entry from different types of image formats like GIF, JPG, TIF, TIFF, and more. They make sure to deliver high-quality image data entry even while working under pressure with bulk data. Image data entry works are done for application forms, instruction manuals, memos, handwritten scanned copies, books, and more.

You may contact an outsource data entry service provider if you need any of the jobs mentioned above done for your business.

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