What are the Important Steps of Survey Data Entry Service?

A survey can be defined as a systematic gathering of information about the people to distinguish and evaluate the customer preferences, likes and dislikes. There are many reputed data entry companies in India that offer high quality survey data entry services to their clients. Some of the important steps of survey data entry service are discussed below;

Suitable Survey Designing

Survey data entry services or questionnaire data entry services help the organisations to modify their products and services in order to gain higher profits in their future. The process incorporates close association with their clients to understand and analyse their business needs and requirements and the target of the audience. Survey data entry service includes several important features like establishing the business objective, determining the samples, deciding the best survey mode and then finally creating the survey and questionnaire. A well designed questionnaire data entry service provides better perceptions on the research topic and it proves to be effective in improving business.

Proper Data Entry and Data Capturing

Survey data entry service basically involves capturing data from hardcopy or web based questionnaires. It also includes survey forms and then storing it in electronic format so that they can be easily found at the right time. This process needs a combination of professional skills and the most advanced technology to organise relevant information from all sorts of surveys and questionnaires’. These days, Optical Character Recognition or OCR and other scanning techniques are being used for survey performing survey form scanning, which has been essential in reducing data entry errors and to increase the accuracy. After that the collected data is stored in suitable digital formats that includes MS Excel, MSWord, PDF etc.

Data Quality and error Data analysis

One of the basic aims of survey data processing service is to make the quality data that will be readily available for the organisations for the analysis process. However, Survey form data is not always error free. They are prone to omissions and other inconsistencies. This data error, inconsistency and incompleteness, can complicate the analysis process and it may even result in wrong analysis. Hence, to avoid this type of problem, survey data entry service providers must have an effective quality assurance framework to solve all the process. However, the quality of data can be assured by following certain methodology, like

  • Survey forms are first branded on the basis of their certain defined criteria.
  • Forms are then scrutinized for their code structure.
  • Check all questionnaires and survey carefully after data entry to make ensure the complete filling of all the data field.
  • Check data for any sort of inconsistencies and to resolve any sort of duplication and incomplete data, issues.

Various forms of Reporting and Data Tabulation and charts

Survey data entry service also includes extensive reporting and statistics that is required to help businesses analysis process. It requires proper actions as well as extensive research. Reports can be made of various forms depending on the needs of the organisation like its presentation and quality reports. Moreover cross tabulations, frequency analysis, etc. are also used to maintain the proper Survey reports that are great ways to target the specific customer.

How Offline Data Entry Can Benefit You

Data entry is an essential form of electronic data and a cornerstone factor for generating your business. Data Entry can be characterized as a computerized form of specifically categorizing data in an excel sheet format irrespective of which format the initial data was in i.e. PDF, JPG etc. There are two types of data entries: offline and online. For the purpose of this article, we’ll discuss the former and its many benefits thereof. Here is how offline data entry can benefit you:

Offline data entry as the name suggests is done entirely offline. It is not necessary for you to show visibility to your clients. Offline data entry work generally includes typing forms, eBooks, converting essential data and data capturing.

Offline data entry can be divided into the following sub-categories:

  • Data entry for Books and Catalogs
  • Data Entry for documents which are handwritten
  • Data for important eBooks
  • Data entry for images which are scanned in multiple formats
  • Data entry for Cards
  • Offline entry of legal documents
  • Sorting, Typing and Indexing data in any format – offline.
  • Offline capturing of Data

 The importance of offline data entry services:

Inevitably many industry sectors are burdened with the total amount of back-office processes which they have to deal with on a regular basis including accounting for billing, invoicing, procurement, etc. This process ends up creating a sizeable number of documents which have to be captured and collated in an organized and an efficient manner.

Offline data entry is the only method by which this can be effectively and efficiently done. Thus, in order to improve the business efficacy – one cannot possibly compromise on it. Outsourcing the process to a credible offline data entry service provider can be beneficial to you. This is because, in-house teams take more time to finish the process and they require an additional investment of resources, time, and infrastructure.

So why is outsourcing important in offline data entry services?

Listed below are the benefits:

  • Companies to whom offline data entry services are outsourced have more experience than the in-house team
  • They provide with a customized and scalable service
  • A wide range of sources including scanned documents, pdf, and JPGs are accepted
  • Their commitment to diligence, security and most importantly confidentiality of client data
  • They are extremely reliable and securely transfer and manage the data so provided to them
  • Most external data services companies have the latest technology to process the data
  • Their diligent work yields accuracy rates of over 98% and their quality assurance expert team ensures that the final work is devoid of any missing data or data which is found to be inaccurate.

In conclusion, it can be stated that offline data services are now becoming an indispensable component in our daily businesses. For this very purpose, hiring an external data services company handling offline data entry is vital for the furtherance and processing of your important data – used in the day to day activities.

Major Types of XML Data Conversion Services

In today’s technology driven services, the success of any organisation’s data conversion services is attributed to the presentation of information. Like several other type of data entry services, the outsourcing of XML conversion services has become a popular trend. There are several off-shore data entry firms that specialize in outsourcing XML data conversion services to client businesses.

Understanding XML data conversion services

XML or extensible mark-up language is a framework of rules that helps to create custom mark-up languages. The key purpose of XML is to enable the sharing of structured data across platforms of different information systems especially via the internet. XML is used to encode documents and align data in a serial document. It is largely used to display and contain information on the World Wide Web.

XML data conversion is the process of transforming data into a specific format from an XML format. This conversion is made possible by using some of the regulations which are specified by the XML language. Transforming data into XML makes it user friendly and well-presented. Data, after getting converted into XML format, becomes extremely reusable. The information delivery system also becomes more efficient due to the process of XML data conversion.

The following are the major types of XML data conversion:

  1. HTML to XML: You must have learnt HTML at a very young age when you were in high school. But it is likely that you had no idea back then that HTML could be used to deliver information in format-oriented form. The content of information presented in a HTML document can be easily interpreted as text strings. The purpose of converting HTML into XML is to encode data into meaningful and relevant structure and semantics that is decipherable to a computer. When XML and HTML are used simultaneously the data is separated from its presentation format. Thus the data in HTML format is converted into a more extensible format which is apt for web use.
  2. PDF to XML: PDF data can be transformed into XML format both online. PDF data can be converted into XML format by deploying advanced technology and software. This technology ensures full security of the data being converted.
  3. Word to XML: The transformation of word file into XML format can be a tricky business at times as there is the risk of data being lost during the process of conversion. The XML data conversion experts deploy upgraded technology in order to convert word to XML with complete precision.
  4. Excel to XML: In order to ensure accurate conversion of excel data into XML format, the following aspects are kept in mind by the experts:
  • Retention of format of data
  • Retention of content of source data
  • Retention of structure and style of data
  • Security of data
  • Retention of charts, hyperlinks and other logic structure of original data

You can well understand why the outsourcing of XML data conversion services has become highly popular across various business domains.

Services Offered by Data Entry Outsource Companies

In the contemporary cut-throat world of competition, a company does not have the time and manpower to waste on day-to-day paperwork and procedures. Whether it is a small business or a large business, a large amount of data is generated almost on a daily basis that needs to be organised and processed regularly. Small businesses also depend on the data entry companies like the multi-nationals to take care of their data entry processes.

A large number of data entry outsource companies have come up in the past decade that are operating successfully and boast of having renowned clients. These data entry companies have elaborated their portfolio by expanding their services.

A glimpse into their world –

  • Data entry services: The data entry services usually include online and offline processes of data entry. Other than this, these data entry service providers also take care of the PDF data entry, Cart data entry, Image data entry, Excel data entry, MS Access data entry, Asp Net data entry, and XML data entry. They use advanced technology to perform these tasks and in some cases do it manually, as per the situation and project demands.
  • Data processing services: Data processing services include digital image processing like resizing of an image, cropping, histogram setting, and edits like colour changes, increasing or decreasing sharpness and/or softness of the images. Word processing services according to the outsource companies involve text auditing, OCR spell checking, index preparation etc. Forms processing services incorporate insurance and tax forms entry, invoice and resume forms entry as well as survey and accounting forms entry. Claim processing services and survey data processing services also fall under the category of data processing services.
  • Data conversion services: The demand for outsourcing XML data conversion services is quite high as it encompasses Excel to XML, HTML to XML, PDF to XML, and JPEG to XML and so on. OCR data conversion, Microfiche data conversion, and Document data conversion are also offered by the data entry outsource service providers.
  • Data cleansing services: Data cleansing services basically incorporate various processes of updating data, removing inaccurate data repetitions, erasing old unnecessary data. Data scrubbing, data alignment, data standardisation, data de-duplication and mailing list clean-up are a part of the data cleansing services offered by these data entry companies. Email validation services include data audits. The process of email validation identifies the deliverable customer list and thus stops from spending more on email marketing.
  • Data mining services: The data entry service providers organise data in a systematic way that ensures easy extraction in the future. Cart data mining, web data mining, e-book data mining are some of the areas for which several businesses contact data entry outsource companies. Stock market data mining are also offered by some of the data entry companies.

To save time and invest in core business processes, numerous companies are seeking the help of renowned data entry outsource companies. They employ advanced technology and have a good turnover record usually. The above-mentioned services are affordable and there is a reduced chance of making mistakes. All in all, the importance of data entry companies cannot be overlooked in this century.

How XML Conversion Service Helps in Boosting Your Business

In the present times, proper arrangement of data plays a crucial role. XML conversion is a process of converting data from a particular format to XML format. Nowadays, outsourcing XML data conversion service is gradually becoming popular due to its many advantages like versatility, flexibility, scalability etc. Due to the various advantages of XML format, different organisations are converting their existing web publishing formats into XML. XML conversion of data makes them more user-friendly and presentable. Data changed in to this format makes them, highly useable as it enables them to deliver information more efficiently. This format is popular as it offers usability, generality and simplicity. There are various types of XML data conversion services available:

  • Text to XML or Txt to XML
  • Excel to XML or XLS to XML
  • HTML to XML
  • Convert jpeg to xml
  • Convert PDF to xml
  • Converting word to xml and many others.

XML conversion services have become an integral part of the business organisation. It has the ability of managing a complex data in large quantity. Thus, there are plenty of advantages of choosing XML data conversion services. Some of the benefits of choosing XML data conversion service are illustrated below:

  1. By outsourcing XML conversion services to a reputed company, you are able to improve your service delivery. They also provide you access to the most modern technology.
  2. Another major benefit that you get by availing this service is that it helps you in cutting down your business expenses. By outsourcing the service you can focus more on increasing your business productivity.
  3. This will also help you in reducing your overall operational costs and the head costs on employees.
  4. Outsourcing this service will help your company to survive in the competitive market. By offering high quality service and improved conversion accuracy it will assist your company to stay ahead from other competitors.
  5. XML data conversion is considered as the most cost effective solution, for any business to publish document on the web.
  6. It also helps in retaining the old customers. You can easily capture the customer’s attention by properly updating XML information.  Search engines can easily read the XML format, thus it will also help you in boosting your rankings in various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  7. They use the updated and latest information to analyse the content and transform the tools to carry out the process of XML conversion with higher accuracy and precision.
  8. Reputed data entry service providers offer a guarantee of 98% and above accuracy, because all the XML conversion projects are strictly monitored by the quality control team.
  9. The expert will carefully examine the company’s setup and helps in implementing more convenient platforms.

All the outsourcing companies have enough resources to successfully handle all the projects related to conversion within the desired time. It also helps in maintaining the quality standard. Thus, by outsourcing XML conversion services you will get a wide range of benefits.

Various Types of Data Conversion Services

You must be wondering what has made the outsourcing of data conversion services such a huge trend across various industries. Nowadays every form of document that is used in every stream of business requires a mandatory database optimisation and preservation process. In case you are looking for a solution to update and modernise your resources, data conversion becomes the inevitable option. Most offshore data entry outsourcing companies also specialize in offering financially beneficial data conversion services among various other domains.

The primary advantages reaped by the companies which outsource data conversion services to specialized offshore companies are the saving of huge amounts of costs and time. The following are the various types of services that fall under the category of data conversion services:

1. OCR data conversion services: OCR is a tool that enables in speeding up the process of conversion of data from various file formats into suitable ones. OCR data conversion provides the ideal solution of converting data from with enhanced efficiency and diminished effort.

2.XML data conversion services: XML or extensible markup language is a type of data structure interaction module that enables users to have their own format of data field formats. When assimilated with HTML/CSS or any such programming software, xml becomes a highly effective communication tool on the internet. Clients who outsource xml data conversion services to offshore companies usually have aims of interoperability and are equipped with web-based technology.

3.Microfiche data conversion services: Data entry companies superior quality and cost- effective microfiche data conversion services. The companies have high speed microfilm and microfiche scanners which help to carry out this category of data conversion services. The data conversion companies provide the output in multipage tiff images, complete easy-to-search text-based PDF format files or other formats like XML/HTML/SGML. The output can also be yielded in text-based formats with selective text. The output can also be provided in database fields which have compatibility with any type of application. The various examples of microfiche are the following:

  • 16mm
  • Com fiche
  • Jacket fiche
  • 35mm

The industry sectors which are most commonly the clients of microfiche data conversion services are financial industry and healthcare/medical industry. The data conversion experts perform the indexing of the transformed microfiche data files in order to enhance searched features with manual keying. Generally microfiche data conversion services generate output in the form of images.

  1. Document conversion services:  The term document conversion refers to the process of creation of a digital image from another formats like paper. This is a broad category of services that include document scanning and conversion for microfiche, aperture card, microfilm, paper and engineering drawings. Data conversion services could be valid in the case of scanning of fax to email and other common business practices. The data conversion experts provide rigorous supporting tools and techniques to aid optimal utilization of data.

Thus the popularity of data conversion services is well understandable. Several industrial sectors benefit from data conversion services and outsource these to specialised firms.

Hire Data Conversion Services for the Success of your Business

If you want to run your business in a proper manner, then you must have access to the right data. Crucial data like financial statements, customer contact information, current industry trends, and the proper market analysis play an important role in the growth of your business.

So, what is a data conversion service?

A data conversion service can be defined as the main process of any company for managing, maintaining and utilising data for the benefits of the company. Data conversion service is an important task as it minimises the risk of losing data to a large extent by enabling the proper development of the structure of data storage and sharing.

Data conversion plays a vital role in determining the success of any organisation. Thus, it is important that you should outsource the data conversion service to third party service providers for accurate handling of data and for saving time and money.

The types of data conversion services:

There are many reputed outsourcing companies in India that provides different types of data conversion services. The details are discussed below.

  1. OCR Data Conversion Service

The OCR data conversion service generally reaches the finish line in a speedy manner with greater efficiency. It allows the data conversion service in a speedy manner.

  1. XML data conversion Service

XML data conversion service stands for extensible Markup Language. It forms a kind of data structure interaction module that allows the users to format their own data field without any sort of limits. This types of conversion needs special treatments in terms of its character standards and validation.

  1. Microsoft data conversion Service

This type of data conversion services includes microfiches data conversion services for providing the clients high speed microfilm and microfiche and data can be scanned up to 600 DPI images.

  1. Document conversion service

The document conversion service includes broad category of services covering documents like scanning and conversion for paper, microfilm, aperture card and engineer drawings.

Advantages of Data Conversion Services:

Some of the important factors of the data conversion service are discussed below.

  1. Conversion into Digital format

One of the major advantages of data conversion service is that it can convert all the manual data, paper data in to a digital form using the data conversion service. This helps the business organisation to reduce the office work by maintaining the cost of manual data. Thus, it is a cost effective method and can be accessed easily.

  1. Storage

Digital data can be stored easily in different drives, clouds ad networks.  The data can also be easily accessed by different users with the proper access to the network. It also contributes in protecting the data by storing it in a secure location.

  1. Simplification of data

This type of services also helps the companies by simplifying the complex data. Thus a simplified data can be managed easily from anywhere and at any time.

  1. Database

Once the data is converted into the digital form it can be simply stored in a single database. It also helps in reducing the maintenance cost.

Thus, in conclusion it can be said that data conversion in digital form helps in storing all kinds of important data and it also decreases the chance of subsequent data loss.

Hire Professional Data Cleansing Experts for your Business

Have you ever wondered why data entry services have become a raging trend in businesses all over the world?

Data cleansing is a category of data entry services that involves altering or removing data in a database which is inaccurate, wrongly formatted, is incomplete or has duplication errors. The following are the various processes performed by data entry service providers that specialise in the domain of data cleansing services.

  1. Data scrubbing: The data cleansing service experts use a data scrubbing tool to rectify incorrect information which could have happened as a result of alteration over a significant span of time. The tool saves a great deal of time for a database administrator and is usually less expensive than manual rectification of errors.
  2. Data alignment: This involves the cataloguing the data and locating them accurately. The process immensely enables the processes of querying, coding and reporting.
  3. Data standardisation: Data is often stored at various locations or file formats .This process involves bringing such data under a structure which is singular and easily manageable.
  4. Data de-duplication services: This process involves resolving the error of incorrect data repetitions. Usually, the data cleansing experts use advanced programs like macros to eliminate inaccuracies.
  5. Email validation services: Through this process, customised auditing of data is performed. The main purpose of this process is to keep a check on email marketing costs.

Using the following simple five-step process, data cleansing experts target the domains where the data is weak and needs major modification.

  • Plan: Identification of the set of most critical data is the first step. The focus should be set on high priority data. The fields that you identify should be unique to the business of the client and the information that is being searched for. It can be information regarding job title, email address, job description, type of industry, phone number, revenue etc.
  • Analyse: After identifying the high priority data, the experts go through the data meticulously in order to detect what is missing, what has been duplicated, what can be removed or any such other discrepancies.
  • Implementation of automation: Once the cleansing has begun, the experts begin to systematise and cleanse a new flow of data that makes its entry into the system by creation of scripts and workflows. This step can be carried out in real time or in daily, weekly or monthly batches. This varies depending on the amount of data being worked with. These routines can be either applied to previously stored data or to newly collected data.
  • Affix missing data: The fourth step is crucial for data records that cannot be spontaneously rectified. Examples of such data are emails, industry size, phone numbers, and company size. This process involves identifying the accurate way of recovering missing data.
  • Monitor: This step involves a routine review of issues that have the potential to become major problems. The database should be monitored as a whole and as well as individual units.

Hence if you need professional data cleansing, you can easily opt for any company that outsources data entry services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Conversion Services in India

Data conversion service, which is a type of data entry service, is important because data environment may demand some alteration with the updated computer programs and the data environment may need some changes in the format of data to suit the right computer system. Hence, nowadays, outsourcing of data entry services has become a raging trend across a wide spectrum of business communities.

Data conversion services in India or in any other location combines the area in the field of data entry that is rising as a growing business service. Outsourcing of data conversion service evolves as a major priority for many big corporate organisations and it also includes various aspects like data-processing, book data entry service, data conversion services, product data entry, book data entry service etc. Data conversion comprises the tasks of combining and arranging your data, digitising data and documents, avoiding data loss and storing data in the most comprehensive way.

The benefits of data conversion are discussed below:

  • Saving of costs

Data conversion in India is an obvious cost-saving option. Outsourcing data entry tasks in India is very much relevant as any business organisation does not put resources into buying a program, or enlisting a process. A proper business plan can save money by cutting down expenses by acquiring data transformation benefits. Data conversion provides an easier access to your data archive by performing web enablement through the software application. In data conversion, no development time is required. There are no collision or technical dependencies with the legal matters.

  • Reduction of Data Loss

Data conversion helps in decreasing the chance of data loss as it provides proper supervision and guarantees that data will remain secure if any transformation is done. An organisation that performs the task of data alteration ensures simple and fast recovery of business data. They also provide the assured service of storing data with utmost security. In this way, the chances of data being lost or harmed are completely reduced.

  • Decreasing Work Load

Outsourcing data conversion performs the huge task of simplification of complicated and voluminous data. Data become sharper when the data conversion task is performed. Data conversion or data change provides progression and convenience. It also makes data easily accessible without any delay. Data change is very effective as it proficiently stores data, increasing the retention capacity. It eliminates the unwanted hardware, software and also helps in maintaining the expenses. It provides one technology for your application connectors, conversion and migration. For this reason, the heavier task of data handling becomes easier.

  • Accurate data service provider

Data conversion providers are armed with the latest software that ensures sharp monitoring of data to deliver data scanning for all data in the written format.  An organisation that offers data conversion services is equipped with proper infrastructure and manpower so that they are able to handle large volumes of data with several complications.

However, the success rate of data conversion process depends on the capability and aptitude of the data processing service provider and how aptly it brings accuracy and quality conversion to the data table that you have opted for.


Features of Survey Data Entry Services

You must have noticed that outsourcing of data entry has become a rage in business communities all over the world. There are several benefits of outsourcing data entry services to a country like India, the most crucial of which is saving of costs for the client company to a significant extent.

If you are wondering about the types of assignments that are carried out within the domain of data entry services, then these are as follows:

  • Online Data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • PDF data entry
  • Cart data entry
  • Survey data entry
  • EXCEL data entry

This blog highlights the details of a survey data entry service which has emerged to be one of the most crucial and frequently outsourced forms of data entry. More than 30% of the survey data are contested and entirely discarded due to erroneous data interpretation which happens as a result of faulty data capture. Hence bigger businesses have been increasingly delegating ting the work to professionals who are specialised and trained in the field of survey data entry. These data entry companies have a keen knowledge and understanding of processes involving survey data entry and associated process of survey as well as questionnaire data entry. These specialised service providers offer customers a range of data entry services using survey data scanning and using advanced software tools for data capture.

These companies also provide services related with mailing list creation and verification for successful survey process. Within the domain of survey data entry services, the specialised companies provide their customers survey data scanning services using advanced data tools for data capture. Experts at these companies are efficient in manual data entry of survey data. The professionals work with objective questionnaire and provide comments regarding coding of data entry. For any survey, the comments are extremely crucial for further assessment of the data. The data entry service providers specialise in organising, conducting and formatting reports for industry need which ensures focused benefits in surveys. These experts have the insight and thorough knowledge about the survey setup, and design attributes.  Mailing list gathering and entry of addresses in envelopes, preparing and presenting quality statistical reports and cross tabulations are some of the key tasks carried out by the experts of this field.

Survey document scanning entails the use of different tools such as:

  • OCR: Optical Character Reader
  • OMR: Optical Mark Recognition
  • ICR: Intelligent Character Recognition Tools

The data entry service providers specialise in performing all forms of service data entry like:

  • Yes/no questions
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Checklists
  • Rankings
  • Likeness rating scales
  • Semantic differential rating skills
  • Ecosystem and other rating scales


Open-ended questions, where the responses are subjective, are also frequently asked by these data entry service companies. Every response is critical to the overall assessment and interpretation of data. These data entry outsourcing companies carry out the survey processes meticulously so that the most accurate results can be yielded to their clients.